When impulse control affects sensory processing.

ADHD affects many areas of the brain, but in this house there is one particular occurrence that we see time and time again. As part of mine and kiddo's ADHD, we have to control impulsive behaviour. Engaging in our impulses to run, shop, eat or in kiddo's case do anything he knows he shouldn't, gives [...]

I’m proud to be the parent my child NEEDS.

I was driving to Kiddo's school this morning when a little voice from the back seat said, "McDonald's?" in a not so innocent but hopeful voice. "Not today darling" I said. I thought to myself how much stricter my parents were with that sort of thing than I am. I have no doubt that if [...]

Parent carer imposter syndrome is a real thing.

The other day I sat feeling like the world's biggest fraud. We get carers allowance, DLA and respite and here was my child sat coloring in his Disney Pixar colouring book like an angel. He had slept the night before and I felt refreshed and calm. You would think I would savour this moment, breath [...]

How to deal with sensory needs in times of change.

I've been having this discussion with people a lot recently, why are we all struggling so much at the moment? Then last week I had a huge realisation. As neurodiverse people with autism and/or adhd, we are far more sensitive to changes in energy, weather, activities and routine. We adapt a sensory diet to fit [...]

Transferring activities from school to home…

It's a common trait for autistic children to build expectations and rules on where certain people belong and certain activities take place. For example, a teacher belongs at school and maths belongs at school too. Many neurodiverse people have these feelings when adults as well, I certainly do. If I see someone like a doctor [...]