Why autism doesn’t fit into a tick box…

I’ve been involved in a lot of discussion lately around the “high” and “low” functioning labels that surround an autism diagnosis. Although I do see the use of labels in generalised diagnoses such as autism, adhd and sensory processing disorder (see blog on why labels absolutely do matter), I have really never understood the whole [...]

The Blame Game

Today I had an appointment that I have been dreading. It’s been a black spot on my mind since Christmas. Today I had to face kiddos paediatrician with all the reports from the London appointments we attended at the end of last year. And I was angry. I sat last night, a sea of printed [...]

How the most ridiculous piece of parenting advice actually saved me…

When you first have a newborn what’s the one thing you’re told over and over and over again? “Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps!”. Now in theory that sounds pretty sensible, but when living in the real world it’s actually fairly impossible. Think about it, where did your baby sleep? Kiddo slept in the [...]

D-Day: Our ADHD diagnosis. 

When you have your first child, you imagine their childhood to be filled with beautiful “wow!” moments. These might include being presented with a certificate in the school assembly, or coming first in a sports day race. What I certainly did not imagine is that instead of standing up proudly among my parent peers in [...]