Transferring activities from school to home…

It’s a common trait for autistic children to build expectations and rules on where certain people belong and certain activities take place. For example, a teacher belongs at school and maths belongs at school too.

Many neurodiverse people have these feelings when adults as well, I certainly do. If I see someone like a doctor I know in a supermarket my brain will panic because they’re put of the environment I would expect to see them in. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say hello, what I would say to them or how to behave. Quite often if I’m in this situation I’ll walk in the opposite direction as the whole experience with this person just doesn’t fit correctly in my brain. They’re not where they belong.

It’s the same with activities which is why in this house, home education during a lockdown is a complete no. Maths and English don’t belong at home, they belong at school. The rules are rigid and make kiddo feel safe. If he knows where each activity belongs, he knows what to expect when he goes places. It also works the other way round.

For a while now kiddo has been enjoying cosmic kids yoga in school. He adores it and shows us the moves regularly. But, whenever we have suggested putting it on the TV or ipad he has very quickly panicked and screamed “NO!”. Cosmic yoga didn’t belong at home, it belonged at school. This has been going on for months now. We carefully suggest it every now and again to see if he would like to watch it at home but with no success. Until very recently…

This week I walked into the living room to see him in full flow yoga watching cosmic kids yoga on the TV. I was so proud! It had taken him a long time to process but he had transferred his favourite activity from school to home. A huge achievement for him and I’m thrilled with the happiness this will bring him. The key though was letting him transfer it in his own time. No pressure and no ridicule, just supporting him to do it when he was ready.

Well done Kiddo! You amaze us everyday xx

#autism #adhd #school #homework

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