What to say to someone who thinks their child has Autism…

I remember the exact moment I first said to another adult that I thought my son had autism. I was standing in the doorway to our playroom and I was watching kiddo repeatedly smack his head on the floor. Absolutely no idea why. He still wasn't using any verbal language at that point. And that [...]

The Story of Great Ormond Street. The Genetics appointment. 

It's the evening after our genetics appointment. I'm sat in the bedroom kiddo and I are staying in with the lights out, listening to the gentle purrs of sleep coming from the bed next to me. And I'm a mess. Today's appointment has thrown me into complete and utter turmoil. And I have no idea [...]

Why I’m loud and proud about my anti-depressants.

I often read articles written by people about breaking the stigma of mental health. These articles take courage to write, inviting people into a world of confusion, loss and helplessness. I have so much respect for anyone who writes these articles and has them published. I first wrote an article about mental health when I [...]

When I first heard the words “special needs school”…

When someone first said the words "special needs school" I can remember exactly where I was. I was sat on a wooden chair next to our dining table. I felt like the chair had suddenly grown arms, wrapped them around me and was suffocating me. I couldn't breathe. My whole body hurt. As the conversation [...]