When the noise of daily life finally dies down…

Sometimes the hardest days aren't those where our children are driving us to distraction, finding mischief in every corner, breaking things or keeping us awake at all hours of the night. Sometimes the hardest days are the ones where you're not responsible for them, even just for a little while. Your mind isn't in constant [...]

Dear Son…

Dear son, It's 4am and I'm sat watching you play beautifully with your trains. It's been a really hard 3 weeks for you. We decided to try some medication to see if it would help you sleep better. You had been struggling for so long and we couldn't stand to see you in such emotional [...]

The Unseen Autistic

Starting Monday 20th May, I will be focusing my social media pages on autism in women and girls for a whole two week campaign. "The Unseen Autistic" will tell stories written by autistic women, autistic girls and parents of those who have spent years trying to fight a failing healthcare system. We will be looking [...]