Why my house is never tidy…

Some of you may have seen in my stories recently that I watched a webinar on the ADDitude website about how to conquer clutter in the home when you have ADHD. It was by the fantastic Linda Roggli and was the first time I had come across her and quite frankly, she blew my mind!Being so new to the realisation that my brain doesn’t work in a typical way, this webinar helped me make sense of my entire life when it comes to being tidy. I am not tidy people. I get annoyed, frustrated and upset because I really want to be. My lifestyle with kiddo and being a carer needs me to be!! But I have just never managed to maintain a tidy house. Or room. Or handbag. Or drawer. Or life.As a child my room was a bomb site, so much so that my mum ended up saying I had to tidy it once a month or I wouldn’t get any pocket money/allowance (hats off to her for finding something that actually motivated me to do it).As a child and adult my favourite phrase was (and is), “but I know where everything is!!” and I did. There were and are piles of stuff everywhere. On every counter top, every surface, every table. Piles and piles of paperwork, objects, make up. You name it, it’s in a pile. When I came to tidy up I felt a huge sense of achievement, and then the frustration would build as I no longer knew or could remember where I had put a damn thing.So when Linda explained why this was in her webinar, not just one lightbulb turned on, a whole bunch of flood lights lit up my brain. I made piles on surfaces because I needed to SEE where things were. I needed it right there in front of me. Nothing irritates the crap out of me more than searching when i desperately need something (even though that’s what i seem to spend my entire life doing), so by keeping things out of drawers and cupboards where i can see them means I lower my frustration levels. Et voila, why the hell would I ever put things away?But Linda had the answer! Yes we need clear surfaces to stop our brains from overloading but we also need to be able to see exactly what is in a drawer or cupboard without opening it. The answer? Label that shit. Organise a drawer or cupboard into small segments and label, label, label. I don’t want to be looking! I need to see it! Linda used the phrase, “create ease and flow” in your home. I thought about what that would do for my mood and my energy levels. Wow. It would change me.So now I begin the journey of the biggest sort out of my life. Then I have to maintain it 😳 This will be a work in progress probably for my entire life but I’m ready and I’m going to do it (hyperfocus do your thing please). I’ve bought my labeller but need to clean a whole load of stuff out first. But of course I got impatient and was desperate to label SOMETHING as it was so much fun! So I labelled my head. Obvs.Check out the link below to watch the webinar! Highly recommend.https://www.additudemag.com/webinar/messy-house-adhd-organization-tips/

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