On Christmas Day 

So I wanted to write a little poem about Christmas, but with the fabulous “Autism night before Christmas” having already been written I struggled somewhat for inspiration. This afternoon it came to me…

On Christmas Day
On Christmas Day,

I don’t wish for a stocking,

Not clothes or jewellery,

Not turkey or stuffing,
On Christmas Day,

I yearn for something more,

Not your average gift,

Not for an object I adore.
On Christmas Day,

My wish is so clear,

All my family and son,

Together, all here.
On Christmas Day,

It can all be too much,

Bright lights and loud cheer,

Wrapping paper to touch.
On Christmas Day,

I simply long for my son,

To have peace in his heart,

And maybe a little fun.
On Christmas Day,

I long for that smile,

That says life is enjoyable,

Just for a short while.
On Christmas Day,

Maybe it will all be,

Just too much for my child,

Just wait and you’ll see.
On Christmas Day,

He may seek solace in his room,

Even if Christmas dinner is served,

It just might be too soon.
On Christmas Day,

In a hideaway he might be,

But do not worry,

Because he will always have me.
Because Christmas Day,

Is all about us,

Despite the turkey and trimmings,

Despite all the fuss.
On Christmas Day,

Into your world I will come,

To be with you and hold you,

Because I am your mum.
On Christmas Day,

I’ll play games and I’ll be glad,

To be hiding under the covers with you,

Because I am your Dad.
So on Christmas Day,

Do whatever you need to my son,

Because we will follow, or not,

As long as you are having fun.
Our Christmas Day,

May not be what people might think,

“So what?” is what I say,

As I snuggle into you with your drink.
Because our Christmas Day,

Is not the same without you,

The giggle from your mouth,

The sparkle in your eyes too.
Our Christmas Day,

Is special to us and you,

With autism in tow,

Sensory processing disorder too.
So may your Christmas Day,

Be whatever you need,

We just want to be with you,

We will follow your lead.
Your Christmas Day,

May not be bright or loud,

And we don’t care at all,

Because of you, we are so proud.
Merry Christmas kiddo, love Mum and Dad x 

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