I felt every one of these words. A powerful blog from Life with a Livewire. I used to have a Fitbit, and yes my heart rate was higher when out and about with kiddo. Not because of him, but because of ignorant parents. I dont wear it anymore.

Life with a Livewire

I’ve had a break from blogging and I’m afraid my first blog back isn’t a very light one but it is what’s on my mind (I wrote it in my head at 3 this morning) so here we go. The next will be a proper update on our gorgeous Taz, I promise.

Seizures aside, one of the most painful elements of Taz’s disability is her challenging behaviour. Less euphemistically: when she hits, pulls hair, scratches or (occasionally) bites others. This is a sensitive topic and an issue not talked about enough. I know this from the reactions we get (the most painful part) which tear through me, causing pain in very different ways.

Like many children and adults with a learning disability, Taz can express ‘violent or challenging’ behavior. Most commonly this is her lashing out to those she is closest to for usually predictable reasons (someone in her space…

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