Pop Fantstic. A book review.

Last week I was sent a message asking me if i would endorse a product, a book. I get a number of these messages so I always approach with caution, but the lady sent me the book and just said to have a read and see what I think.

Then I realised I had to write this review for so many reasons. Having been written by the parents of an autistic son I was immediately encapsulated by such passion and motivation to show the world how beautiful autism really is and how autistic traits should be celebrated for the talents that they are. But how do you explain that to a 5 year old? By reading them this story, that’s how.

Pop Fantastic follows the journey of Pop (our main character and autistic boy) as he navigates the school holidays at home. He is transported into a magical adventure as he enters a painting that his little sister has created and given him as a present, and it’s here we see how Pop’s autistic traits become his very own magical super powers.

I was a bit unsure where the story was going at first, but then it all became clear and I found it truly magical. The imaginary world that Pop finds himself in is comforting and full of such wonderful sparkle! It takes a child feeling stressed and nervous and transforms him into a confident boy who is shown the true value of his “super powers”. I loved every minute of this part.

I felt the story had a lovely mix of real world experience, so an autistic child would hopefully be able to relate to Pop. This then gently leads into a beautiful creative story.

The illustrations are soft and welcoming and I found them very pleasing to the eye.

This is the first in a series of books and so this particular story looks at sensitive hearing and hand flapping specifically. The aim is that over the series many traits will be celebrated in each story.

I’ve read many books for children that are ABOUT autism. It was so refreshing to read a story that shows the lead character learning to celebrate his talents and develop confidence. I can’t wait to see what the next one is about!

Pop Fantastic is by David and Amy Fox and is available on Amazon now. For more information, or to follow the progress of Pop, please visit their Facebook page or Instagram feed.

Thanks for reading,


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