A step in the right direction…

Guys, it’s been a while… apologies for the lack of consistency with my blogging, but you know how life gets in the way. Nevertheless, we have news!

Mega win for the Autism Diaries household today! I dread opening letters that read, “To the parent/guardian of…” I feel instantly anxious when I see one. But today it contained good news!

Those of you who have been following us for a while will remember that before Christmas we decided to take the private route to get the right health care for kiddo. The NHS was just causing way too much stress and we were blessed with the opportunity to try something new. One of the major outcomes of all the assessments was the need for a specialist overnight sleep study. Only thing was, it was only available on the NHS, and way out of our price range privately anyway.

6 months of fighting later and guess what?! We’ve been accepted on to the waiting list! The stress of this particular fight nearly broke me. Refusal to refer from our local NHS due to cost was one road block which left me seething. Just exactly how much sleep deprivation were we going to have to go through before someone deemed us worthy of support??

No idea how long the waiting list is, but we know we are off to see a specialist neurologist who will hopefully be able to offer help and support. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed…

Bye for now…


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