The Invisible Man 

I write this poem for my amazing husband, whom I couldn’t navigate this autism journey without. Dad’s are often not seen on the front line. They’re fighting a different battle in the background, a financial one mostly. I write this for you hubby so that you know how much kiddo and I appreciate you. We love you to the moon and back xxx

In our world of chaos,

I do not sleep alone.

For I have my invisible man,

He keeps me sane at home.

Quietly in the background,

People do not see,

How much you give up for the family,

To help our home, our kiddo and me.

Sometimes you can frustrate me,

Not understanding the strain,

That I face with kiddo everyday,

The planning, the exhaustion, the pain.

You’re not seen in the appointments,

The meetings, phone calls and sessions.

For someone in our family has to work,

And pay for all kiddo’s obsessions.

We make our decisions together mostly,

And I often need reminding,

That you’re his dad and my husband too,

Those vows we made are binding.

Sometimes you disappear all together,

When work gets tough and demanding.

But I know you’re there, you never left,

By my side you’re always standing.

But when it matters most of all,

Next to me and the kiddo you’ll be,

Not so invisible anymore,

Ready to kick ass and make me tea.

The invisible men can be the unsung heroes,

Or sadly sometimes cowards.

For not all of them stick around you know,

And those mums have special powers.

They battle the world for their child alone,

They are a force you don’t want fight.

And whilst their man has left them now,

They continue on with all their might.

So everyday I thank my stars,

That I do not fight alone,

You may not see my invisible man,

But he’s always there waiting at home.

He’s my inner strength when I have no more,

The reason I am still standing.

They may not see you my invisible man,

But I do and thank you for understanding.

That I can’t always be the perfect wife,

A mother I must be to our son first.

You’ve never once complained or made a fuss,

Because you and I have the same thirst.

A thirst to make life work for kiddo,

Before and above anything we do.

Our day in the sun will come you know,

And I’ll be there, just waiting for you. 

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