T’was the night before school.

A powerful poem from “Our Autism Blog” on the stress a family with Autism feel the night before the new school term starts. We are thinking of you and every other family out there going through this this week. Much love xx

Our Autism Blog

T’was the night before school in Our Autism house,
Anxiety was affecting everyone, even my girls toy mouse,
The school clothes are too itchy, she won’t let me near her hair,
She says she’s not going, that “it isn’t fair,”
Then what to my listening ears do I hear?
A couple of swear words loaded with fear,
Then silence, then stimming, then “I feel sick,”
I knew we must stop talking about school, and quick,
Then more rapid than eagles, the meltdown came,
She lost all control, wouldn’t answer her name,
I watched and I waited, not sure what to do,
My anxiety rising, and my husbands too,
Then everything stopped, not one little sound,
I was hoping a new wave of calm had been found,
But the tooth questions started, a sure sign she’s scared,
6 weeks was not enough to get her prepared,
I wish I could place…

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